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For the parents out there, a little word on sleep (& help with lack of.....)

Life with a newborn and children in general is full of so many surprising ups and downs and one topic that surfaces amoungst parents again and again, is sleep. Here are a few things to keep in mind as you navigate life with significantly less sleep in the tank!

It can take babies quite some time to get into a settled rhythm with sleep and the experience is unique with every baby. Try not to put too much pressure on yourself as you figure out what rhythm works best for you and your baby and be aware that what does work, may be completely different from what you imagined or what you’ve done with previous children. Babies really are full of surprises!

If you are having ongoing issues with sleep as your baby gets older, seeking the advice of a sleep consultant that suits your style of parenting can be life changing. There is a common perception that sleep training means leaving your baby to cry on it’s own, but this is just one of a wide range of approaches. There is also a common perception that its ok for mothers (and fathers) to sacrifice their physical and mental health by being sleep deprived for extended periods of time and this can be years for some. Sleep once you have children will never be the same as sleep before, but that doesn’t mean that you can’t reach out and get some support from people who are experts in this area and can transform things for you and your child if you are struggling.

We worked with the incredible, compassionate and practical sleep consultant Tam from Sleepworks, with our second child and it was easily the best money we’ve ever spent. 4 years on he’s still a happy confident sleeper and we all happily sleep through the night which is pure gold!

If you are considering working with a sleep consultant, take the time to find one who fits your values as parents. Ask other parents who they have tried, shop around, try it out and discover how amazing life can be with children AND a decent nights sleep. Good luck! xx

Baby Amira, milk drunk and asleep, at 3 months


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