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Yoga Nidra Class - Bali Garden

This class is the perfect unwind and reset in your week.  We flow from gentle stretching, movement and restorative poses to yoga nidra, a guided relaxation that releases tension and unhelpful patterns from the subconscious mind and deeply soothes the nervous system, all while you relax and possibly even fall asleep! 

You will leave feeling rejuvenated, calm and ready for the joys and challenges of life. All levels of experience and ability are welcome.

Tuesday's 6- 7pm, Bali Garden (292 Point Wells Rd, Matakana), $15-$25, concessions available.

Book here:

Kids Yoga Classes

I teach kids yoga classes with my amazing team, my 7 year old Amira and 5 year old Eli.


In our classes we act out a story the 3 of us create together (custom made for the setting we are teaching in), and mix in classical yoga poses, breathing, relaxation techniques and lots of fun!

Check out my events for April 16th & 23rd Kids Yoga Class and Parents Meditative Tea at Bali Garden!


Private Classes

I am available for private classes to:

  • develop a personal programme

  • work with an injury or specific need 

  • provide individual attention to check technique and alignment or review an existing practice  


Public Yoga Classes


"As a complete newcomer to yoga but not to exercise I have been surprised and delighted at my body's response to this new form of activity. I have found it lengthens my muscles and builds strength in a way that other more traditional types of exercise has not. It has also challenged my beliefs about exercise/weight management in that it has helped me to see that harder/longer is not always better. The focus required to perform poses is also a soothing and unexpected side effect. Rebecca provides an instructive and supportive environment with the freedom to be challenged or not as it suits. I love it."

"I have regularly attended Becks classes since 2014. I use what I learn in my everyday life. Becks is an amazing teacher with a beautiful voice. Each class is inspiring yet relaxing."

"Rebecca's yoga class is the perfect mix of postures, flows, breathing techniques and guided meditation. Her love of yoga, knowledge and passion for teaching it are evident and I always leave her class feeling refreshed, happier and very grateful for the opportunity to attend."

"Rebecca is my amazing yoga teacher. She helps me keep on feeling young and helps me stretch out my muscles and body after years of doing lots of physical activity and not stretching. But more importantly her classes really help me to focus on living in the moment and respect myself and others. Rebecca is kind, sensitive, explains and models things so well."


Mana Retreat Centre


"We are so honoured and privileged to have Becks teaching her yoga at Mana. A class with Becks is a delicious combination of tuning into your body, opening your heart to new possibility, and inspiring to your spirit. Her thoughtfully planned classes, attentive presence, and most of all, her example of living what she teaches, has helped me to refine my practice and greatly inspired me in my life."

Private Classes


"Becks approach is gentle but thorough, and she enjoys the mutual exchange of learning and teaching with great humility. She has taught me to listen patiently to my body, and to practice playfully. In saying that, its not that she is not passionate or serious in her approach, but that she is willing to explore alternatives and have a play with different poses.

I have greatly appreciated her comprehensive understanding of the human body. And the challenges of my injuries have been well accommodated with a tailor made program to meet my needs.

Becks has an amazing ability to articulate the sequencing of movements, and has an extensive knowledge about both yoga and meditation. Her passion for the yoga practice is inspiring.
I feel very lucky to have access to such learning

"I have practiced yoga, on and of, for many years: in various classrooms and on my own. I have had several classes with Rebecca. My intent initially was to ensure that what I was doing (on my own almost daily) was within acceptable practice and I wasn't damaging myself.  Rebecca was really helpful: listened to my objectives, recommended and commended my practice. 

She gave clear instructions and demonstrated additions to the routine ensuring they were within my capabilities. 

Rebecca also went beyond my expectations by writing out my full (amended) programme complete with a video demonstration! At all times I felt encouraged and inspired."


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