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Winter Solstice, Full Moon and Matariki - A Celestial Alignment

Join this wonderful collaboration with Rebecca Leaker and Wendy Douglas as we will honour not only the Winter Solstice but also the Full Moon and the enchanting Matariki constellation.


Picture yourself sinking into the gentle flow of Yin Yoga, led by Wendy, as she guides you through releasing tension and finding deep stillness. Feel the energy of the Solstice and the celestial dance above as you unwind and breathe. Then, let Rebecca's soothing Yoga Nidra lull you into a state of profound relaxation, where inner wisdom awaits and deep rest beckons.

As we come together on this special occasion, let's set intentions for the months ahead and embrace the transformative power of this celestial alignment. We'll embark on a journey of self-discovery and renewal, honouring the rhythms of nature and the cosmic wonders that surround us.

$45 or use 2 class credits with any Bali Garden Wellness membership The balance will need to be paid in cash or bank transfer on the night.

Bolsters, blocks, mats, blankets, herbal tea and a sweet treat will be available. See you there!

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March 2018, Auckland

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