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Pregnancy Workshops

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This workshop is a space for pregnant women to be themselves wherever they are at in their pregnancy journey. To experience some nourishment in the busy-ness of their lives (while miraculously growing another human being!), to ask questions, share, learn and connect with other mammas in an approachable, non-judgmental, confidential space. 

No experience of yoga is required and all equipment is provided, including a mini library of pregnancy books to pursue. In addition, you will get to take home: 

  • A deep relaxation to connect with your baby in the 1st and 2nd trimester

  • A deep relaxation to prepare you and your baby for birth

  • A recording explaining the phenomenal physiological processes of birth

  • Handmade affirmations

  • Pregnancy yoga handout

  • 4th Trimester handout (full of practical info for adjusting to life with a newborn)

  • 2 HypnoBirthing relaxations to support breastfeeding and life with a newborn

  • A recording of the art practice we will do in the workshop to repeat at your leisure at home


A bit more about my training and background...

In addition to my 500 hour training as a yoga teacher and being a mother to 2 exquisite, happy little ones, I have specific training to support women through pregnancy, birth and afterwards. I initially attended yoga training for pregnancy and birth with Ashram Yoga and then completed 2 levels of teacher training in Embody Birth (previously known as Belly Dance for Birth), with Maha al Musa, while pregnant with my first child. 

Between children I spent a year researching and delivering workshops to support women’s hormonal balance through menstruation, preconception, pregnancy and menopause. Then while pregnant with my second child, through Spinning Babies, I learnt more about the natural physiological processes of birth, what helps and hinders its flow and how to encourage babies into the most optimal position for pregnancy and birth.


I did HypnoBirthing with my second child and was so in awe of my experience that I became a Certified HypnoBirthing Educator (with the original Marie Mongan method), to share more of this amazing work with couples and their whanau. 

Supporting women, and particularly mothers, is definitely my passion! I absolutely love sharing pregnancy workshops and classes and feel very honoured and humbled to share a small part of women’s journeys into motherhood. 

Pregnancy Workshop Testimonials

“Rebecca’s workshop was incredible and it gave me so many tools which prepared me mentally for birth. I used her beautiful yoga nidra recordings through labour and found them so soothing and helpful. She is a wealth of knowledge and you definitely leave her workshops feeling inspired, excited and with a feeling of community. And all the little treats during the day were so yummy too. Highly recommend!” Hanna 2023

"I came to your workshop wanting to have a lovely inspiring day for me and my belly-baby & to connect with other mum's to be, as well as to learn a new routine and tips for this pregnancy. It was all that and much more thank you. It was such a beautiful day and I loved every bit of it. I only wish it went longer!"  April


"You provided such a special nurturing thing for us & I am so grateful. Your notes ate perfect & totally brilliant. Love the emphasis on the 4th trimester!!
So grateful thank you xx". Jen

Pregnancy Yoga Class Testimonials
                2020 - 2023

"I am extremely grateful that I had the opportunity to attend prenatal yoga classes with Becks. Becks is so passionate and knowledgeable about the miraculous process of pregnancy and the journey of preparing for motherhood, and her enthusiasm and awe for this process is contagious.

I always left her classes feeling inspired, informed and supported. 


Becks always put so much effort into preparing these classes, which were tailored to the women attending, intimate and relaxed. In each class, we did yoga asana, tailored specifically for pregnancy, combined with a range of other activities such as meditations, breathwork, dance, hypnobirth techniques, art, discussion and more. Every week I learnt something different!  


Attending Becks' classes was like stepping into a little sanctuary of time each week where I felt truly nourished and supported to tune in to my self, my baby and the amazing journey that was unfolding within me. Thank you Becks!!" Hannah 2021.

"During my pregnancy I'd look forward to Becks yoga class each week. It felt so good to move my body in a gentle way and take the time to really switch off. Being someone who has always pushed myself, it was nice to know I was in good hands and encouraged to surrender to a gentle style of movement that benefited both me and the baby.


The breath work we did during class meant when I went into labour it felt completely normal and really helped me get into a rhythm to breathe through those contractions. Would highly recommend Becks classes pregnant or not!" Steph 2022.

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