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Spring Stretch and Strengthen Yoga Workshop, Coromandel Chronicle September 2019 article

Saturday 14th September, 10am to 12.30pm, $30,

Anglican Church Hall, 170 Tiki Rd, Coromandel Town

This workshop is a fantastic opportunity to explore a wide range of stronger held poses and moving flows that are not offered in my weekly Beginner classes. We will practice poses that allow the body to soften and open alongside poses that strengthen the muscles around the bodies main joints (shoulders, spine, hips, knees, and ankles), to create stability and flexibility. Listening to the needs of our bodies as we go, we will find that point where we are challenging ourselves, growing and learning but without putting the body under stress.

Breathwork throughout the morning will help deepen the experience of postures and calm the mind and then we will finish it all off with a luxurious guided relaxation, organic teas and decadent raw homemade cakes!

Different levels of poses will be offered so those attending can choose the best options to suit their individual needs, however unlike my weekly beginner class, this workshop is not suitable for people with injuries.

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